When people think of marketing online, often blogging comes to mind. Blogs are everywhere on the internet — articles on interesting topics that thousands of people want to know more about. When you include value-added articles to your website, you improve and impact your online presence.

Why is blogging important for businesses?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Each blog post should include keywords, words that people type into their search engine when they are looking for information on a particular topic. Those keywords help your blog rise to the top of search results, increasing the possibility that visitors will click through to read your article on your website, and then, once there, will browse further. Good blog content brings tremendous SEO value, driving potential customers to your website.

Expands your Online Presence

Blogging  gives you a platform for talking points about your products or services, give you an opportunity to connect with potential customers and may even generate online revenue.

Shows you as a leader in your industry

A blog can be utilized to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Publishing posts that are timely, relevant and informative may earn you recognition as a thought leader and authoritative source in your industry.

Here’s how we help you increase your online presence through blogging:

      • collect articles from you or contract with a third party to write articles on topics of interest to your target market
      • upload articles as blog posts to your website so your potential customers can find you
      • optimize blog posts for SEO to drive online traffic to your website
      • share a link to the blog post on all your social media platforms
      • use Facebook ads to boost reach and audience engagement


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To make the most of blogging, you need to post on a regular and reliable schedule. Once a month is usually often enough for the search engines to keep you high up on the search lists. Simplification Services supports many successful small-business owners increase their website traffic through blogging.