Managing the social media for my business takes a lot of time away from the daily tasks of actually running the business. Simplification Services gives me peace of mind that we are posting a consistent message across all our social platforms, making timely replies and engaging with our audience, while building a solid online presence. I appreciate that Kelly keeps on top of the ever-changing procedures and best practices of the different social media platforms, so I don’t have to spend my time on trying to hit that moving target. Kelly makes the process simple, and she is so easy to work with. I highly recommend Simplification Services.

George Gault
Valencia Hardwoods

Social Media Management Services September 27, 2019

As a small business owner, I was overwhelmed with the thought of marketing through social media and had avoided it for several years. Finally convinced that I needed to take action, I called Kelly at Simplification Services and recommend that you do the same if you're struggling with this. Kelly uses a variety of means to adeptly assist -- first with assisting in analyzing YOUR goals, phone consultation, and then proposing a plan of action. One of the many benefits of using Kelly is that she is patient and explains what can be very confusing terminology. She also explained WHY a particular course of action was recommended for my type of business. This is extremely valuable since there are so many social media options today! Another plus was the customization of services that Kelly proposed, with lots of flexibility built in. Simplification Services is a great service and I highly recommend it.

Jean Kidd
Jean Kidd ReDesign

Social Media Management Services July 9, 2019

If you're a small business owner like myself and can't seem to ever find enough time in the day, look no further.  Kelly and her team are amazing!  They have done so much to help get my company's image and mission statement out in front of so many people every day.  When I first opened my company and google'd Integro Roofing, we would be pages and pages down the list. It was disappointing to know that most people don't ever go past the first page so there was so much potential business that would never get to see who we are.  Now we are on the front page, thanks to Kelly. She provides me with a report every month on followings, clicks, posts, and so much more. It's pretty cool to see so many people are checking us out.  It definitely shows that she is an expert in her field. In addition, she is in constant communication and updating me on the trends, processes, and any changes that are going on so that we are always out front of the pack. I continue to tell all my friends and fellow business owners to stop wasting time posting here and there. Just let Kelly and her team drive the train and they will make your company look great, too!

Harley Coons
Integro Roofing

Social Media Management Services July 18, 2018

We knew we needed an active presence on social media but as builders we didn’t have the time to commit to such an intensive project. That’s where Kelly Butcher of Simplification Services came in. She met with us and explained all the opportunities available to us through social media. Our heads were spinning but we had confidence that Kelly was the right person for the job. We were right. It has been great partnering with her. We now are developing a strong social media presence thanks to her efforts. She has stayed actively involved with us maintaining our sites, updating our website, making suggestions, and going above and beyond all the while with good humor and a smile. Thank you Kelly.

George and Gretchen Richards
Double R Builders, LLC

Social Media Management Services March 30, 2018

We needed someone to take over management of our social media sites and Simplification Services fit the bill! Kelly Butcher understands our business’ needs and helps us achieve our marketing goals through social media by posting consistently on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Since Kelly has started managing our social media sites, followers and engagement have increased across the board on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Maintaining a consistent social media presence takes time and effort. Kelly takes the job out of your hands and manages it for you. We are very happy to have Kelly on our team!

Natalya Mytareva
Executive Director, Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

Social Media Management Services July 16, 2017

I have been using Kelly's services to manage my social media marketing efforts, and I love the results! I always wanted to grow my business' presence in social media, but never could find the time. She has taken this off my plate and has done a great job of posting regularly in various social media platforms and helping me be more active with my blog. I would highly recommend her services to someone who wants to have a big, intelligent and strategic social media presence, but doesn't have the time to devote to it themselves.

Jeff Barnett

Social Media Management Services February 13, 2017

I consider myself fairly Social Media savvy, but what I find where I have always failed in my efforts to promote my business on Social Media was finding the time to log into all of the various Social Media sites (ie. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc..) come up with some sort of creative content to post along with photos and appropriate "hashtags". Trying to run my company takes more than enough time as it is.

What I like most about Kelly and Simplification Services is that she does all that for me. I just get little notifications that we have a new post and I didn't have to do it. I can keep focusing on helping customers, she's working on what will cause those customers to visit our website or our showroom.

I feel for what she is doing for us that her rates are extremely reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend Simplification Services to anyone trying to improve their presence in Social Media.

Brian Pousson

Social Media Management Services June 24, 2016

It is a pleasure to work with Kelly Butcher as she very patiently navigates the Social Media waters with me.

Being a novice blogger and public speaker and a person who is intimidated by the prospect of utilizing Social Media as a means of marketing, I need a steady hand to help me understand all that is available to me and Kelly provides that even keel.

Prior to meeting with me Kelly looked over all of my social media accounts and determined what I needed and what I didn’t need just yet. She gave me positive feedback on what I was doing, and suggested ways that I might increase my exposure and make the accounts that I was currently using work for more powerfully for me. Kelly showed me areas of weakness and helped me ramp up my profiles and strengthen my social media presence.

By working so proficiently, and taking time to answer all of my questions, Kelly has eliminated a lot of my fear of social media and made me believe that I can actually use social media as a stronger tool on my behalf.

A great encouragement to me is Kelly’s forward looking suggestions. She pointed out ways that I might consider expanding my social media footprint in the future and gave me specific things to look for so that I would not overlook any opportunity that presents itself.

Kelly continues to check in with me and answer my questions. She is readily available when I am in need of encouragement and advice.

It is my privilege to work with Kelly and to recommend her as a Social Media Specialist.

Marcia Furrow

Social Media Management Services August 18, 2015

Since 2012, Kelly has handled my Mary Kay business management software, kept track of accounting and inventory, managed my social media accounts and performed other administrative type tasks. Kelly is professional, on-time and dependable. I’m happy to have her on my team.

Catherine Slezak

Social Media Management Services April 13, 2015

I can’t begin to say enough positive things about Simplification Services. Kelly understands our business’ needs and is proactive in helping us grow and reach goals through our website and social media. If you are in the market for a dedicated professional ready to give your project 110%, you’re on the right page.

Simplification Services cares about our cause, our ideas, our brand, and our business.

As a small business owner, it is hard to find someone that cares about your company as much as you do, but working with Kelly is just like adding another member to the team. She is always a pleasure to work with and continues to exceed our expectations. We could not be more grateful to have her help and would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to grow business and manage your online presence.

Lauren Alexander

Social Media Management Services April 13, 2015

Kelly has assisted me with administrative legal work for a couple of years now. She is, without fail, organized, quick, and exceptionally thorough. She is also a huge pleasure to be around. I’m blessed to have her in my corner.

Tanya Streit, JD, MBA

Social Media Management Services April 13, 2015

I was referred to Kelly by someone who I met in a class and they raved about her. After working with her, I can see why. I am launching a new coaching business and am new to digital marketing and was looking for some guidance. Kelly is not only a pleasure to work with, but she was able to help me think through the process and make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. I don’t believe that I would have gotten my Facebook ads approved without her help as they were rejected multiple times. The process was so much more complicated than I expected, and I was so grateful for a steady hand on the wheel.

Lesley Carstens

Consulting October 13, 2020