A Step-By-Step System for Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

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Do You Feel Like You're Just "Winging It" When It Comes to Your Marketing Strategy?

 Do you feel like your business lacks focus?

Do you feel like you’re throwing money away when it comes to marketing your business?

Do you want to get more clients?

Do you want to make more money?

Do you feel unfulfilled in your business?

Do you wonder what you accomplished at the end of the year?

Do you want to work less?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, most likely, you do not have a clear marketing plan in place.

A marketing plan:

☆ Guides your efforts

☆ Keeps you on task

☆ Eliminates random activities that lead to haphazard results

☆ Helps you focus your resources

☆ Prepares your business for growth

Every business needs a plan—even solopreneurs or small businesses with only a single employee. 

A marketing plan:

➡️ Gives you clarity about who your market is. It’s easier to find clients and customers if you know who you’re looking for.

➡️ Helps you craft marketing messages that will generate results. Marketing is about knowing what your product or service can do to help a target market. Your messages need to speak directly to your market.

➡️ Provides focus and direction. Email, social media, advertising, guest blogging, direct mail, publicity, and on and on. With so many marketing choices, you need a plan for determining the best course of action that will deliver the biggest results.

This 5 Step course is going to cover the following:

  1. How to Evaluate Expenses and Sales
  2. Review of Previously Set Goals
  3. How to Determine Key Performance Indicators and Set Goals
  4. How to Determine Action Steps to Reach Goals
  5. How to Track Goals and Evaluate Progress

This program consists of Action Lessons delivered via video format and Path to Success Action Worksheets.

You will have access to the complete program all at once and may complete the program in your own timeframe. 


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